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Rob O’Donnell

Candidate for Tipperary

My vision for Tipperary

I want Tipperary to be a clean, prosperous place for people of all ages to live in.

What I stand for

Tipperary is a beautiful county that has been let down by its public representatives. I work with NGOs and community groups and am frustrated with the slowness to change, and feel too many of our TDs are playing political games only for personal gain. I want to represent Tipperary and make real, positive change for our communities.

My priorities

    • Our county needs a real plan for rural regeneration. Too many of our towns and villages are still suffering the effects of the last crash, with emigration and government policies punishing farmers and small businesses. The system is broken, and we need a total re-think.
    • I want to see a health system that guarantees the same, quality service to all patients, no matter their geography or income. This means 24/7 emergency and cardiac cover, adequate resources in all of our hospitals and seeing drug policy as a health competence.
    • Young people in Tipperary are leaving and not coming back. Job opportunities, amenities and supports just aren’t here. Our towns in particular have been devastated by suicide. Proper support for young people and parents is needed, through schools and real investment.
    • Tackling the climate crisis can be positive for our county. Real, usable public transport, a just transition for workers into sustainable energy and more protection for wildlife and animals will improve our county immensely. This is a crisis, and we need to treat it as such.

My experience

My name is Rob O’Donnell, I’m a 23-year-old student organiser from Pallasgreen and I want to represent Tipperary in Dáil Éireann. I’ve been active in community and youth groups since I was 16, and I see the issues that young people are affected by every day in our county. I’m passionate about making a real, liveable world for future generations I believe we have been let down by our public representatives. We have too many independents, who are extremely limited in their power and what they can deliver for the county. Parish-pump style politics is not enough for what we need in the future. We need people who represent people, but who will work with a real vision and take decisions to create this.