Róisín Garvey


Spokesperson for Rural Development and Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

My vision

A cleaner, greener, happier, healthier world for all its inhabitants.

My priorities

  • Water – Access to clean water is a human right and proper water infrastructure is the
    foundation for all development, Rural, Urban, Business, Social and Agricultural.
  • Rural Development – I am Green Party Spokesperson on Rural Development.
  • Enterprise, Trade and Employment – I am Green Party Spokesperson on Enterprise, Trade and Employment.
  • Warm, Energy Efficient Homes.
  • Reverse Climate Change and increase biodiversity.

About me

From a farm in West Clare with a background in Climate Education & Community Activism. I coordinated protests that led to the shutdown of Sellafield. I organised the first Anti-War Movement protests against the use of Shannon Airport. I set up Fracking Free Clare leading to the banning of fracking in Co. Clare & all other councils followed suit. I am a single mother and have been campaigning since my 21 year-old son was 3. I set up a non fee-paying Steiner School, set up Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts. I’ve been volunteering in the community for years around cycling, sustainable transport, biodiversity. I’m the first woman and first Green elected to Clare Co. Council for North Clare. I got 9.5% of the vote in Clare in the 2020 General Election, one of the highest Green votes in the country. I became a Senator in May 2020 as a Taoiseach’s nominee to the Seanad. I was elected to the Executive Committee of the Green Party at the Convention in October 2020 and bring a strong, rural, social justice and climate representation from someone with a lot of experience, as well as a rural female voice from west of the Shannon.