Energy efficiency and conservation are key to the transformation to a lower carbon society.

The science is unequivocal: the climate and biodiversity emergencies are real, and we are beginning to experience their impact. The changes we need to make in the coming decade are substantial, but we believe that they can be beneficial to all of our people - urban, rural, young and old and most importantly to our future generations. We in the Green Party have been learning about the solutions to climate breakdown for 40 years. We know that climate action has to be at the heart of all our policies.

Energy efficiency and conservation are key to the transformation to a lower carbon society. We must ensure that we can provide our country with reliable, economically competitive energy, and where possible we must endeavour to source our energy from our own renewable resources, reducing our reliance on imported energy.

Key policy points

Reduce the Total Final Energy Consumption of our nation through mandating Energy Efficiency and implementation of policies which will ensure Energy Conservation in all sectors.

Increase the share of Renewables in our Total Final Energy Consumption to a level in line with the latest Climate Science which limits global warming to a maximum temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Remove all bureaucratic and legislative barriers to the development and acceleration of Energy transformation projects.

Promote the development of an Energy System where the people and communities of Ireland have an enhanced level of control to ensure fair, affordable and equal access to clean energy.

Energy system transformation should bring with it significant health benefits, improved social wellbeing and environmental safeguards. The positive economic effects of the energy transition on employment and across all sectors of the economy should be maximized.

Development of a dynamic Energy Policy that allows for changes in population, behavioural change and ensure resilience against the changing Climate and Weather conditions.

Development of Ireland’s offshore renewable potential in line with the EU Commission’s Strategy of November 2020 to harness the potential of offshore renewable energy for a climate neutral future.

Ireland should be active in International and European cooperation in the supply of renewable energy and in the reduction of global carbon emissions.

Policy revised: July 2021

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 7, 13, 15, 16

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