Health & Disability


The Green Party believes in a single-tier health system, funded by general taxation, that gives universal access based on patient need.

Cut hospital waiting times

  • Boost primary care facilities
  • Use 24-hour online/phone service directing patients to appropriate care
  • Delegate more to paramedics and advanced nurse practitioners

Your community deserves a greater say in its own healthcare system. We’re in favour of dissolving the HSE and replacing it with Community Healthcare Organisations (CMOs) to reduce hospital waiting times. Less pressure on emergency departments means you get medical attention quickly if your need is serious…but you don’t have to go to A&E for minor ailments that can be treated in primary care centres.

Empower the patient

  • Place you at the centre of your healthcare
  • Give you access to your records
  •  Own up to mistakes

You should be the one making decisions about your healthcare…with medical staff supporting you through your treatment options. The Green Party favours patient-centred healthcare. We support an eHealth strategy that gives you access to your summary care reports…and when something goes wrong, we favour a ‘No-fault’ compensation, followed by investigation.

Support the Carers

  • Community Respite Centres for carers of people with disability
  • Disability assessments within three months
  • Inclusion of mental health in the Long Term Illness Strategy

If you suffer from long-term illness—or care for someone who does—you deserve support. The Green Party’s disability policy recognises that services and supports should be made available to allow people of all ability to live life as fully as possible.

Invest in Prevention

  • Encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Appoint school nurses
  • Get tough on alcohol and tobacco promotion

Taking control of our health from the outset can reduce our need to rely on the health service. Most illnesses now stem from our lifestyle, so health promotion is key to preventing them. The Green Party believes health education plays a vital role in health policy.