Reform, Reproductive Rights & Gender Recognition


The Green Party wants a just Ireland for all

The Green Party supports a range of policy initiatives to make Ireland a more just society. We believe that a series of measures covering justice, reproductive rights and gender recognition are all needed to ensure that our laws match the natural desire of Irish people to ensure that everyone is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Reproductive rights

  • Provide all forms of contraception free through pharmacies.
  • Provide for free, safe and legal access to lawful terminations of pregnancy up to and including 12 weeks gestation without restriction, and after 12 weeks where recommended by a qualified medical practitioner.

The Green Party believes in reproductive justice, based on the full protection of the human rights of the pregnant person. We believe it is important to protect the right to have a child and also the right not to have a child equally, in addition to providing for the control of birthing options. We are advocating for more support for new parents, including greater flexibility in paid maternity and paternity leave.

Gender recognition

  • Introduce a requirement for provision of gender-neutral public toilet facilities.
  • Add protection for transgender and intersex people by introducing hate crime legislation.

The Green Party supports the amendment of the Gender Recognition Act 2015 to include recognition of non-binary and non-gendered individuals, and to facilitate gender recognition for people under the age of 18. We believe that further policies need to be implemented to support transgender and intersex people in Ireland, including better education to reduce transphobic bullying in schools.

Policing reform

  • Fully implement the range of reports that have set out the needed reforms of An Garda Síochána and the Department of Justice and appoint an Implementation Commissioner to oversee this process.
  • Introduce a requirement for Gardaí on routine patrol to wear body cameras.
  • Invest resources in Community Policing and allow for greater oversight of this by city and county councils.

Ireland needs a police force that has the skills, numbers, training and public trust to provide safety and a sense of security to everyone. In order to do this, we must restore trust in the Gardaí, in the figures they supply to the public and their accountability at both a national and local level. We must ensure that An Garda Síochana nurtures a culture of respect for human rights, equality and the rule of law amongst all its members. The Green Party recognises the difficulty and importance of the work that members of An Garda Síochana do, and believes that we must provide them with the necessary training, equipment and technology to fulfil their responsibilities.

Decriminalisation of cannabis

  • Allow for access to medicinal cannabis for patients under a supervised dispensary system.
  • Remove criminal offences for persons over the age of 18 consuming or possessing less than 5 grams of cannabis.

The Green Party believes that regulation of cannabis use should treat its consumption as a public health issue, rather than one of criminal justice. The current prohibition on cannabis serves only to benefit organised crime and fails to address the health issues of cannabis use. We are advocating for the decriminalisation and proper regulation of cannabis.

What we’re working on now

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