Because Green values are fundamentally inspired and informed by the vision of a truly inclusive society, country and world free of anti-LGBT prejudice and discrimination, and recognise the very real and often major contributions LGBTQI+ community members bring to our nation, society, and the world in so many ways.

Our policy comprises a set of 20 specific thematic items orientated on practical deliverable implementation that will progressively realise full equality and inclusion for all sections of our LGBTQI+ community (including more isolated/vulnerable/disempowered ones), and powerfully assist the crucially important phenomenon of LGBTQI+ ‘Allyship.’ Our policy -- grounded in both relevant research and LGBTQI+ community Voice insights that recognise existing challenges to and opportunities for meaningful LGBTQI+ inclusion -- is based on the belief that a general society and a country that are truly LGBTQI+ and broader diverse and minorities inclusive are more contented, successful, prosperous, and self-confident.

Key policy points

A 20-individual specific items comprehensive effective implementation orientated policy for all sections and members of our LGBTQI+ community for full LGBTQI+ equality & inclusion

Embedding LGBTQI+ community profile & history details in relevant areas of national level and FE and ETB curricula to assist in progressive counteraction of any engrained socio-cultural elements of anti-LGBTQI+ prejudice and discrimination from older times

Practical support for more disempowered/isolated/vulnerable LGBTQI+ community population groups such as intersectional (ethnic minorities, and disabilities), rural, in prisons

Introducing and embedding dedicated LGBTQI+ mental healthcare support within HSE services (including those who have been victims of ‘Conversion Therapies’)

A joined-up relevant stakeholders approach policy to counteract and progressively overcome the phenomenon of LGBTQI+ homelessness & sofa surfing

EU/international: our policy will enable Ireland to contribute significantly to pan-EU level LGBTQI+ inclusion and counteraction of anti-LGBTQI+ prejudice and discrimination

Our policy is based on a practically deliverable cost-effective basis, and will provide a major boost to LGBTQI+ ‘Allyship

Policy passed: February 2023

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 3,4,5,8,10,11,16

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