The Green Party believes that the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice and this inaugural neutrality policy equips us to support exactly that goal.

The Green Party, based on its founding principles, is committed to “active military neutrality" as a continued expression of the State’s independent foreign policy and as a key element of our wider Constitutional commitment to the pacific settlement of international disputes. Moreover, the Party views Irish neutrality as an essential platform for our deployment of “soft power”, and for our credible support for multilateralism and the rule of law in a more just and sustainable world.

Key policy points

We are committed to “active military neutrality" which in essence means a) that we need to be able to properly defend ourselves, b) that we are not obliged to be politically or morally neutral in the face of unprovoked aggression against ourselves or a neighbour and c) that we should better focus all the knowledge, experience and resources on promoting conflict resolution and global justice.

We propose a new Triple Lock for the deployment of Irish Peacekeepers abroad which is (a) is approved by Dáil Eireann, (b) has been reviewed by Seanad Eireann, and (c) is either supported by a UN (Security Council or General Assembly) resolution, or failing such resolution, by a decision of a regional organisation and / or regional arrangements encouraged under and consistent with the United Nations Charter and the Purposes and Principles of the United Nations.

We are opposed to NATO membership.

The Defence Forces budget should be upgraded to plug the gaping holes in our ability to respond to cyber-attacks or identify who or what traverses our seas and sky.

We support high-quality training for Defence Forces so that when our personnel go on peacekeeping missions they will benefit from having had access to top quality guidance and technology.

We wish to strengthen our soft power capabilities – a metric in which Ireland already ranks well in – but in a much more impactful and structured way. Our Neutrality would become a recognized badge of legitimacy in an increasingly polarised world.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the Defence Forces, a unit within the Chief of Staff’s Division, headed by the Assistant Chief of Staff, should be established with responsibility for establishing GHG emissions Audit and a Circular Economy team with targets and goals.

Policy passed: April 2023


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