Political Reform

This political reform policy aims to respond to the need for new approaches to democratic governance that responds to the scale of change required to meet and address the climate, environmental and social crisis.

The proposed reforms in this policy aim to strengthen trust in our democratic institutions, reduce the negative impact of social polarisation, and ensure that citizens are at the heart of responsive and inclusive decision-making processes on issues that matter to them.

This policy sets out an ambitious vision for political reform to ensure these goals are met in a way that puts the lived experience and perspectives of citizens at the heart of decision making on the key challenges facing our country as we transition to a just and sustainable future. The Green Party believes that democratic values, institutions and procedures are fundamental to our strength as a nation, to our peace and prosperity, and to our collective ability to respond to severe and rapid challenges and crises.

For this reason, central to the political reform proposals of the Green Party, are the following principles to which the proposed reforms relate:

Key policy points

Support citizens in all ways necessary to participate effectively in Ireland’s democracy.

Ensure subsidiarity in decision-making, where the national government is responsible only for tasks that cannot be performed effectively at lower levels.

Promote governance that actively focuses on the needs and rights of future generations.

Reform governance procedures to increase accountability and transparency of the Government to the Oireachtas.

Expand the eligibility criteria for people to participate in electoral processes as citizens of Ireland and EU citizens with permanent residence, in a way that is accessible to the widest range of electorate needs.

Improve and strengthen the integrity of elections and sustainability of their processes.

Enforce high standards of ethics, transparency and accountability at all levels of governance.

Increase accountability and efficiency of implementation of laws.

Deepen engagement of Irish citizens with European level politics.

Update Ireland’s constitution to provide the protective and enabling framework required to support these reforms.

Policy passed: June 2023

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 3, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16

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