Brian Leddin

Teachta Dála for Limerick City

Spokesperson for Transport, Climate Action and Environment.

My vision for Limerick City

I am very excited about our city’s future, and believe it has great untapped potential.

We must promote responsible and sustainable growth of the economy, we must focus on health and wellness in society, and how our regional cities can act as growth centres to counterbalance a capital city that is growing unsustainably.

Last year I was elected to Limerick Council, where I work across the political divide to improve our City and the surrounding areas.

If elected I will continue to work with everyone I can to represent the voters of the constituency.

My priorities

  • Developing a strong and growing Limerick City and Mid-West region.
  • A serious response to climate change.
  • An attractive and liveable city with excellent services focusing on delivering a better quality of life for all its residents.
  • Working with all political parties to deliver the best for Limerick and Ireland.

About me

My name is Cllr. Brian Leddin, and I am standing for the Green Party in Limerick City in the upcoming General Election.

I am an engineering graduate of the University of Limerick and also hold a degree in renewable energy. I work as an engineer in Limerick. I’m proud to come from Limerick; there’s nowhere else I would rather live.

Latest activities