About us

We are solution-focused change makers actively working for a better Ireland.

Our story

The Green movement was born when we looked back on our planet for the first time and realised the threat we posed to our own natural world. Our Party has always recognised the need for thinking globally, while acting locally.

The movement found political form in the late 1970s and early 1980s as Green parties were set up in just about every country. In Ireland, the Green Party (then known as the Ecology Party of Ireland) was formed in 1981 by a group of people with a vision for an Ireland that planned for the long-term and protected our island’s natural beauty.

The Green Party entered government in 2020. We currently have 12 TDs and four Senator in the Oireachtas, two MEPs, and two MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) in Northern Ireland. We also have 53 elected councillors working in local areas around the island. Local groups around the country play a vital role in organising meetings and events, canvassing and fundraising.

How we work

We are a collaborative political party, willing to work with all other parties to effect positive change. We stand up for our convictions and ask the right questions, so that big ideas can be progressed and that decisions do not go through on the nod.

Our goal is to deliver a just transition, which protects our natural world and brings a fairer economic model for everyone. The future role for the Green Party is to help with the practical measures that deliver this transition.

Our party is highly democratic, and members make key decisions regarding party policy, candidates for election, and rules on how the party operates. Our Constitution, available to read here, has been developed over 30 years and can be amended annually by members at our Annual Convention. Our party Executive Committee, Treasurer and Trustees are also elected each year at Annual Convention.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in why not join us today!


Our seven founding principles

  • 1. The impact of society on the environment should not be ecologically disruptive.
  • 2. All political, social and economic decisions should be taken at the lowest effective level.
  • 3. As caretakers of the Earth, we have the responsibility to pass it on in a fit and healthy state.
  • 4. Society should be guided by self-reliance and co-operation at all levels.
  • 5. Conservation of resources is vital to a sustainable society.
  • 6. The need for world peace overrides national and commercial interests.
  • 7. The poverty of two-thirds of the world’s family demands a redistribution of the world’s resources.

A party of diversity.

The Green Party is fortunate to enjoy a diverse set of members, from all walks of life, collaborating in our vision for a better Ireland. As part of this diversity, the Green Party has several associate organisations.

Young Greens

The youth section of our party – the Young Greens/Óige Ghlas – was founded in 2002 and is open to all members aged 30 and under, or in full time education.

The Young Greens have contributed enormously to the growth and direction of the wider party – from being the first youth political section to adopt a platform of support for equal marriage in 2002, to fighting hard and succeeding in a campaign against the imposition of third level fees in 2009, to guiding the wider party into full support for women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive rights in 2015. The Young Greens main operation is based out of Dublin, however, there are subgroups set up all over the country, including Rural Young Greens, UCC Green Party, NUIG Green Party, Trinity Green Party and Northern Ireland Young Greens.

If this sounds like the kind of political group you would like to be a member of, contact the Young Greens by visiting their website at www.younggreens.ie.


Mná Glasa

From our very foundation, women have been thinkers, drivers and deliverers of the Green movement’s main objectives. The Green Party is a proudly feminist party, and together we seek to safeguard, promote and expand women’s equal participation in politics and every fora of social, economic and scientific activity.

The Green Party Women’s Network (Mná Glasa) exists to give a forum to women, men and nonbinary people to discuss the key objectives that help us deliver this vision, and how best to implement them. To get in touch with the Chair of Mná Glasa, simply email mnaglasa@greenparty.ie.


Queer Greens (ROI and NI)

From fielding the first openly gay party candidate for Dáil Éireann, to being the first to make equal marriage core party policy north and south, the Green Party has always stood firm for LGBTI+ advancement.

Today we are continuing that fight for equal marriage in Northern Ireland, pushing for Trans* and Nonbinary recognition & healthcare, and seeking modern reforms to sex education.

The Queer Greens seek to give a focus for LGBTI+ party members who want to advance issues of concern to our elected representatives, to discuss policy and to maintain our links with the European Queer Green Network. If you’d like to know more, you can contact queergreens@greenparty.ie.



Our track record

  • Oversaw a doubling of Ireland's renewable energy capacity in four years, a rate not matched since.
  • Extended maternity leave for mothers of premature babies.
  • Brought in the Cycle to Work Scheme, enabling thousands of people to no longer commute by car.
  • Provided retrofit grants to over 100,000 homes, lowering household bills and reducing emissions.
  • Created new guidelines to make sure apartment sizes were family friendly; banned bedsits.
  • Introduced the biggest overhaul of planning legislation in 20 years, to tackle over-zoning of development land.
  • Brought in a windfall tax to discourage land hoarding.
  • Funded the first modern cycle greenway, the Great Western Greenway in Mayo, a model for the many that followed.
  • Introduced Civil Partnerships for gay couples, a key milestone in the fight for full marriage equality.
  • Initiated the process to introduce gender quotas for political parties election candidates.
  • Introduced the first charging points for electric vehicles (EVs), and the first grants to encourage EV purchases.
  • Increased broadband connections threefold in four years.
  • Increased taxes on future oil and gas discoveries.
  • Introduced the first rules on junk food advertising aimed at children.
  • Introduced Ireland's first smart ticketing for public transport; over 2.5m leap cards have been sold since.

Our policies

The Green Party recognises the importance of our health, educational, economic and social organisations in encouraging and protecting environments and activities to enable children and adults to feel emotionally connected to others, experience and enjoy friendship and intimacy, in the family and beyond, and feel valued by the wider community.

While we’ve gone from strength to strength in recent years, we need your help to achieve real change. Join us in our push to make Ireland a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable island.