Marianne Butler

Dundalk South
Marianne Butler
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I believe Dundalk can have a future that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. To deliver this we need to help local businesses to compete and grow, promote greater access to enterprise supports through new powers the County Council will have, ensure our children have access to the best possible education and keep the elderly safe through better policing and crime prevention.

My priorities

Protect crucial local services from further cuts.

Ensure national government cannot ignore the weakest and most vulnerable in our communities.

Ensure Dundalk is developed in a careful and responsible way.

Ensure that planning decisions are made in the long-term interests of current and future generations.


For the past ten years, I have worked as a full-time public representative serving the people of Dundalk South. During that time, I have served as Cathaoirleach of Dundalk Town Council, vice-chair of Louth County Council, and as a member of the governing body of DkIT. I have a proven track-record of delivery and commitment to Dundalk South. Local representatives must be willing, and able, to fight for our economic and social development. Louth County Council needs to support local businesses to create jobs and to help them overcome the challenges of Brexit. We also need to ensure our children have access to high quality education and training, and we must fight for secure and affordable housing for all. As a mother of two young boys I am acutely aware of the long-term challenges that we face. The world my children are growing up in is very different to the one I grew up in and continues to change rapidly. Advances in science and technology create opportunities to make the world a better place but we also face the risks of climate change, political extremism, and economic injustice. The first duty of all leaders is to provide our children with the futures they deserve by ensuring we use these opportunities to prevent and manage those challenges. As Dundalk South navigates this uncertainty, it is important to have local councillors who understand these issues and who make sure that local decisions are driven by more than short-term populism.

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