Jody Power

Waterford City East
Jody Power on the coast overlooking the sea
My priorities

De-carbonise energy by accelerating the sustainable hydrogen, renewable age.

Reverse biodiversity loss and habitat loss in Waterford and across the country.

Stable, green government to lead, lay the foundations for a better Ireland.

Single tier health system, better funded education and up-skilling for lifelong learning, family orientated work schedules, Public services available 7 days.

Waterford and the regions for greater central funding and local authority autonomy, more and better housing, a green belted county, proper tree management, an underground metro system to sustain our City.


I qualified as a Merchant Marine Engineer Officer and served as an Engineer Surveyor with Lloyd’s, in the UK. I spent 10 years living in the US, running several small personal businesses. I currently work as a Marine Engineering Lecturer at National Maritime College and I'm the former chair of Waterford City Voluntary Community Forum. 

Jody Power picking up litter in his community