Sustainable aquaculture can be a key economic activity in coastal and island communities

The Green Party supports the sustainable development and management of aquaculture only where it is ecologically sound to do so. We believe aquaculture developments can be a key economic activity in coastal and island communities and will play an important role in providing nutrition globally. However, such activities cannot be supported where they act to the detriment of marine habitats and populations or inhibit the proper functioning of marine ecosystems.

Key Policy Points

Ensuring communities are engaged with from the outset and are enabled to give input that is considered as part of any aquaculture development licensing process.

Limiting impacts on biodiversity through: ending offshore salmon farming, appropriate siting of aquaculture developments, responsible sourcing of feed, or the reduction or elimination in the use of chemicals, antibiotics and neonictoids.

Improved governance of the aquaculture industry, including the establishment of a national independent licensing and regulatory authority.

Legally defining “sustainable aquaculture”.

Supporting site-appropriate multitrophic aquaculture developments.

Supporting on-going research into improving sustainability in aquaculture.

Policy passed: September 2022

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 1, 2, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16

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