Press release

Statement from Green Party Minister Joe O'Brien on the social protection measures announced in Budget 2023

27th September 2022
Joe O'Brien holds a sign reading 'Supporting Communities'

Regarding the social protection measures announced in Budget 2023, Green Party Minister of State Joe O'Brien stated;

"Addressing poverty is a constant priority for me and earlier this year, I commissioned ESRI to carry out research into the most effective payment means to reduce poverty. That research showed that targeted payments, and in particular that Working Family Payments & Increase in Qualified Child payments, are effective in targeting poverty in families with children so I am pleased to see increases in both those payments in Budget 2023. At this particularly tough time for families, I know that these increases will go some way towards helping families with day to day costs however I am committed to continuing to strive to reduce poverty, in all its forms, in order to achieve the commitments laid out in the Roadmap for Social Inclusion."

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