We believe in creating a world-class, patient-centred system of universal healthcare, accessed on the basis of health needs, supported by information technology, and executed in an equitable, economic, and ecological manner.

We value the person-environment relationship and the profound impact of our environment on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the nation. We advocate a systematic approach to the promotion of lifelong mental and physical health, centred around personal empowerment, knowledge, and choice. 

This policy is published at a time when the health services is recovering from a cyber attack in May of 2021 and the unprecedented pressure brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Sláintecare Report was published by the Department of Health in 2017, as cross-party agreement on a single, long-term vision for health and social care and the direction of health policy in Ireland. We accept this vision, and we support its implementation in full without delay.

Key Policy Points

Key to health is healthier and more sustainable lifestyles: a future where we fail to minimise the effects of climate change will be one of worsening disease and pandemics. While ensuring health in all policies, we also consider the environment in all health policy decisions.

A health system which uses the most carbon and biodiversity efficient means so as not to drive climate change and biodiversity loss, which will in itself damage health.

Sláintecare fully funded and implemented at the earliest opportunity.

We would curtail the access of sales representatives to healthcare staff, and instead spend 1% of healthcare turnover on staff education and training.

A school nurse in every primary and secondary school in Ireland with an emphasis on educating children and preventative health.

A right to register with a GP to cover everybody resident in Ireland.

Acknowledging the lack of attention to problems which predominantly affect women, we would provide more robust screening, improved choice in maternity care and a focus on endometriosis and eating disorders.

Everyone should have access to a range of recreational and sporting opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles and community involvement. Grassroots sports activities are central to this aim and we support a robust and fair funding model to ensure that these sports are accessible to all.

Policy passed: October 2022

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 3, 5, 10

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