17th April 2023
Solar panels on the roof of a house

The Green Party has introduced incentives that will allow households and communities with small installations of solar panels to be paid a competitive market rate for electricity that they export to the grid.

To encourage long-term investment, the scheme guarantees a payment rate for the next 15 years for medium sized generators such as solar panels on community centres and farm buildings. This allows us all to take a collective stake in climate action by providing a stable source of income for sports halls, community groups, and other community owned buildings through the production of solar power. Farmers will be offered a sustainable and stable source of income from solar power while ensuring that they are less vulnerable to electricity price rises.

Within less than a year, already more than 21,000 electricity customers signed up to sell power from their solar panels back to the national grid. As well as creating an economic opportunity, decentralised energy production also protects people from rising prices in an insecure global energy market.

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