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Green Party Statement on Israel and Gaza

9th October 2023
Paestine and Israel flags

The Green Party has called for an immediate end to the devastating violence that has erupted in Israel and Gaza.

“The appalling attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians are utterly wrong. They do harm to the Palestinian cause as well as to the people of Israel. The attacks must end immediately and any hostages should be released at once,” party leader Eamon Ryan said.

He also appealed to the Israeli government to exercise maximum restraint in its response to the attacks over the weekend.

“More violence will only result in further suffering and misery for both sides and push the prospect of a just and peaceful resolution further into the distance. There is always a better way,” he said.

Minister Ryan stressed that while there was absolutely no justification for the attacks on Israel, the unjust treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli government also has to stop.

“I would urge both sides to work with their international partners in order to deliver a peaceful resolution on the Palestinian question which threatens the stability of the entire Middle East region,” he said.

Green Party spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Vincent P Martin, also urged for an immediate end to the violence.

“The entire world has been appalled by the ferocity of the violence that was unleashed at the weekend. It will achieve nothing except prolonging the agony and suffering of people on both sides,” Senator Martin said.

"I would also like to express my deep concern for Irish-Israeli dual citizen Kim Damti who is missing since the attack on a music festival near the Israel-Gaza border. Her story is just one of countless examples of the human suffering that this vicious attack has unleashed.”

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