Our current planning system must be re-orientated to more properly promote the wellbeing of citizens, the protection of our environment and the restoration of nature.

Our overall vision is of a proactive, creative planning policy, consensually striving towards a flourishing island of Ireland.
We believe in sustainable planning: A planning system which is truly democratic, that serves people and communities, rather than capital, respecting our environment as a fragile, finite resource, as well as for its intrinsic value. In a spirit of social equality, planning should reflect a progressive ethos toward social justice equality.

Key policy points

Make tackling the climate and biodiversity emergency and fostering well-being rather than economic growth, the central aims of the National Planning Framework.

Enhance the role of citizens and councillors in plan making through new models of public engagement.

Protect and enhance public participation and access to justice in planning matters by reducing fees and costs and resisting any attempt to materially restrict such participation.

Properly resource the planning service at both national and local level to fulfil its functions across plan making, development management and enforcement with skill, care, integrity and efficiency.

Mandate Local Authorities to monitor development and to take enforcement action against planning violations.

Adopt policies which prioritise re-use of existing buildings, re-generation of town centres, transport oriented development and compact settlement patterns and which severely restrict further urban sprawl.

Repeal the provisions of planning legislation which allow central government to mandate detailed planning rules.

All new construction must incorporate features to mitigate the impact of higher temperatures, more intensive rainfall and more frequent major weather events.

Removal of trees and hedgerows to be treated as development for planning purposes. There should be a presumption against permission for the felling of healthy mature trees.

Require that developments delivery a net gain in biodiversity of at least 10%.

Introduce limitations on the level of embodied carbon in construction and enhanced controls on demolition and the recycling of construction waste.

Policy revised: September 2023

UN Sustainable Development Goals: 7, 13, 15, 16

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