Jithin Ram

Local Election Candidate
Jithin Ram
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As your representative, I will work towards a future where every living being feels they are valued, and they belong.

My priorities

1. Improve the housing situation in Ireland by bringing sustainable solutions.

2. Contribute new ideas to the food industry and small-scale business in Lucan in order to keep it thriving.

3. Reduce childcare cost by increasing the number of staff and creches.

4. Curb antisocial activities in and around Lucan area.

5. Make the lives of disabled people easier by introducing new schemes and pathways for their travel.

6. Introduce 24 hour ambulance services.

7. Make healthcare affordable for all and reduce waiting times of A&E.


I have an avid interest in Law and had pursued it during my 20s. After coming to Ireland, I wanted to continue in the same field and started working with a prestigious law firm. I also started a newspaper to voice the concerns and issues faced by immigrants and now it also covers a large number of issues concerning everyone. I am actively working towards better opportunity for the people in Ireland by addressing the core struggles faced when living here.

Jithin Ram