Mia Fahey McCarthy

Local Area Representative
Mia Fahey McCarthy
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I want to create a positive impact both environmentally and socially for my fellow Wicklow residents both young and old.

As a long time Wicklow resident, I am invested in my community and ensuring that we create a world that is fair and equitable for all.

My priorities

Ensuring the improvement and enhancement of local amenities.

Advocating for continued improvements to the transport infrastructure providing for social and economic benefits to Wicklow and its residents.

Supporting the community on issues that matter most them including access to childcare provision.


I have always been an advocate for social justice from having worked in community development to my current role in sustainability. I am also a trained psychotherapist and have spent time working in television. My experience is broad but what has always been at the core of what I have done is an interest in people, their lives and views. I have always sought to support those in need and advocate for those who cannot. I hope to bring my skills and experience to being a Green Party Candidate in the local elections to affect positive change to my fellow Wicklow residents.

Mia Fahey McCarthy