Tate Donnelly

Candidate for Cavan Monaghan

My vision for Cavan Monaghan

Cavan Monaghan could and should be a great place to live, with lively and vibrant towns and villages, top-class public services, and opportunities for young people.

What I stand for

For equality, justice, and inclusion. For top-class services. For affordable and warm homes. For giving people an alternative.

My priorities

    • Stand up for young people by providing solutions to the climate crisis, as well as giving young people the opportunity to live, study, and work in the area they love.
    • Develop Cavan and Monaghan in a sustainable manner, through creating jobs in renewable energy and retrofitting houses, the ability to work remotely when suitable, and getting our derelict and vacant sites back in use.
    • Give Monaghan and Cavan top-class public services, for health and mental health, for transport, and a sufficient amount of social housing.
    • A new vision for farming that improves farmers’ quality of life, pays a fair price for their produce, reduces emissions and allows everyone to enjoy healthy, locally produced food.

My experience

At just 21 years old, Tate Donnelly has already made a name for himself, having been elected to the Green Party National Executive Committee last summer. He has served as Secretary of the Cavan Monaghan Greens for 18 months, during which time, he managed two election campaigns, for both Mícheál Callaghan and Conan Connolly in last year’s local elections. Donnelly founded a Green branch in his university and is the current Chairperson. He also works with TASC, the Think-Tank for Action on Social Change, as an intern researcher on a Just Transition, investigating how to make the transition to a carbon-neutral society as fair as possible.

Latest activities